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1. How far in advance can I book the photo booth?

The sooner the better, we can take bookings up to and including 12 months in

advance (but of course we can make bookings more than 12 months in advance)

to ensure you don’t miss out on a booth on your special day.

2. Can I pay in instalments?

It depends on the site you go with, most companies do take payments in

instalments but it is something we will need to check with the company.

3. Will the guests have to pay for the photo booth?

No the guests will not need to pay for the photo booth, the total payment for the

booth will be paid before the start of the event.

4. How does your photo booth work?

Stand or step in front of the camera, follow the prompts on the screen, strike a

pose and grab your photos from the attendant when done.

5. What is the booking process?

– Fill in the quote form in as much detail as possible

– We will arrange a quote for you from companies in your area and get you

the best price

– Choose a company to go with

– The photo booth will be arranged to arrive at your event before you


6. How many people can I fit in the booth?

It depends on what sort of booth you hire. In the ‘open plan’ booths you can fit a

large group of people, up to 10 guests can fit in the open plan booth. We have

Instagram booths available where you can take your own photo and upload it to

the printer to print straight away for you. Lastly we have an enclosed booth, this

can fit around 2-3 people on the bench seat comfortably but you re welcome to

try more.

7. Does the photo booth print in black and white or colour?

Its up to you. Or better still your guests, you are able to choose if you wish the

photos to be printed out in black and white or in colour when you follow the

prompts on the screen in the booth.

8. Can we have all copies of the photos taken at the event?

Yes you can! Depending on the company that you choose to go with you will also

receive a DVD containing all the photos within one week of your even so you can

email it to all your friends, most of the time these photos will also be posted on

Facebook or Instagram as well.

9. When is the booth delivered?

Most of the time, the photo booth is set up well and truly before the event has

started so it will be ready to start when your guest arrive.

10. How much floor space do you need?

It does depend on what booth you select and what company you choose to go

with, some booths require as little space as 1m x 0.5m some may need up to 4m x

4m space (for the large enclosed booths)

11. When do you require the deposit?

It does depend on what company you go with but most of the time the company

requires you to pay a deposit to confirm the booking for your event.

12. Is travel and delivery free? Where do you travel?

Delivery of the booth is free of charge but with the travel to the venue, depending

on the company, there may be a fee incurred if it is outside 40km of where they

are based. We do deal with a number of photo booth companies in most major

cities so we should be able to find somewhere near you.

13. Is set up included in the hours booked?

Most of the time the booth is delivered at least and hour before the event starts

to allow for set up and time to find a park. This doesn’t come out of the purchase

price and is included in the original quoted price. The purchased hire price starts

when from when the booth opens to when it is closed and switched off, it is often

better to start the booth later and finish at the end of the event.

14. Can I customize the message, logo and layout?

Yes! Most of the time you are able to customize your logo on the photos but it is

something I will need to confirm with the company as they may only have set

options to choose from. If this is something you would like to customize yourself

we will find a company that does this for you.

15. Can I get a refund if I cancel?

In most cases yes, there are different refund policies for different photo booth

companies. Most of the time the company will require a 30 day written notice of

cancelations and the deposit will be kept, in some cases the deposit will be full

refunded, but it is something I can look into if you do need to cancel the booking.